Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday

 Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Happens!

It does seem that life events are conspiring to keep me away from the computer though I have managed to do some quilty oriented web surfing and a little associated retail therapy from bed using the iPad.
Before I went under the knife last week for the third time on the left shoulder, I finished the piano key border on Allietare now there are just two more rows to add, a 5"dark blue and 2" blue star final strip.
Entertaining myself on the iPad I browsed through the website of Tracey Browning Australia who has a lot of longarm "No Frills Rulers" and her prices are super reasonable especially now they are all on sale even with shipping from Aus. I ended up ordering a few small circles, two right angle rulers for crosshatching etc. and three of her CC Triarc rulers, I am hoping that by the time they arrive I will be able to get back on the big machine. I am quite adept at using one hand to guide my A-1 which is super smooth, light and easy to move.
This is what the CC rulers look like and you can see a video of their use here, I ordered the 1.5", 2" and 3"CC Triarcs.
This is a multi purpose template I chose, the top is for curved crosshatching with the addition of some very small circles. I am anticipating doing some crosshatching soon on a quilt so I will be well prepared.
On another site I also ordered two crosshatch stencils, what I have already is too large for most of my work.
These are one inch and two inch grids.
Then I came across a YouTube video of a "rope tool" which became my final "recuperation" purchase. It is a handy little rope template that comes in two sizes, I think from the video I saw it will be faster and more accurate than marking with a stencil. I decided on the smaller tool that makes 1.5" -3" ropes most useful for sashings and narrow stop borders.
This is pretty cool, check out the video here
All of these tools would work for DSM quilting so if they interest you and you quilt on your DSM check them out and also come back to see when I post about their actual use.
That concluded my shopping spree and I can hardly wait to get all these new toys and try them out! I will have to wait a week or two at least but you can be very sure that I will be back at work while my left side is still restrained in this bulky contraption!
What do you do when you are recuperating from illness/surgery etc, how do you fill the waking hours when boredom sets in?
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Quince Anos, And "Easy Street" Goes To Its New Home!

Our first experience of a quinceanera, we were so honored to be invited to join the celebration with this beautiful, poised young lady.
The ceremony  was lovely, I only have one photo in the church.
For those who have not experienced this event, it is a dedication and also a  celebration of a girl transitioning to womanhood at 15. She wears a white gown symbolizing the innocence of childhood, Mass is celebrated and prayers are offered for the Lord to bless and guide her in her adult life- then comes the celebration!
Here she is with her "court" , chosen from her closest friends and family. There is lots of music and dancing, food and fun for hours!
 This is a choreographed dance with the court , "T" is partnered by her grandfather.
 It's really fun to watch, the young people had done a great job of learning all the moves.
 Then her parents remove her tennis shoes and present her with heels….
and she dances with her Dad.
 This very poised young lady made a fine presentation of her thanks to her family and friends for their love and support
The beautiful cake was made by her aunt who also made the cakes for our son and his wife's engagement and wedding.
 Not only lovely to look at but absolutely moist and flavorful
Then this morning there was a follow up to the party in this beautiful setting,….
 delicious pork posole for lunch!
And here's the quilty part of the post, I had a quilt for "T", her cousin helped choose the colors of this "Easy Street" Bonnie Hunter design because I had no notion of what would suit her- and it blends perfectly in her room!
 So "Easy Street" has gone to it's new home, may her dreams be sweet and restful under this quilt
 And finally, here we are with our son's wonderful Mom and Dad in-law, we are so happy to be included in this delightful family.
We returned home this evening and I got to work and finished the piano key border for Allietare, I may even get the top completed tomorrow!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Allietare Borders

What do you do when a quilt is not large enough for it's intended purpose? I am not happy to just continue to add strips around the outer border, or one huge border, so I usually try to come up with a pieced border to add interest and avoid that "it wasn't big enough" look!
The Allietare top is only about 72" x 86" before borders and it needs to be about 100-102 to just clear the floor on either side of a queen size bed, requiring an additional 30".
After some deliberation on this quandary here is my solution;
 1.5" stop border
 4.5" piano key strip
1.5 " strip
 then the planned 5.5" border
and a final 2" strip!
That's an extra 15" on each side, additional 30" total to the quilt both vertical and horizontal. Finished the top would be 102"x 116" adding sufficient for a pillow tuck and eliminating the need for shams- in my experience guys do not like to mess with extra pillows on their beds!
Here is how it might look…..
Or maybe like this? 
Though to me this version is a bit too bright, too much gold?
What do you think? What would you have done to make it large enough?
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

QOV Number Three!

Here is number three quilted, now to box them all up and get them on their way so I can move along to the next project!
The fabulous, fast Baptist Fan, so great for traditional quilts and especially for guys, neutral thread again allows the theme to shine.
 Simple and fuss free, I love to use BF it always looks good.
And shows up so nicely on the backing, makes the quilt reversible.
Now to finish the Bonnie Hunter mystery Allietare I just need to add borders to make it queen size.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Two Down, One To Go!

The second of the three QOV's is done, and the third is going on the long arm next.
All over peacock feathers were used and again a neutral thread with Quilter's Dream batting.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another QOV

There are three QOV's I need to quilt, hopefully the other two will be finished in the next two weeks before my shoulder surgery puts me out of commission for a while.
So this is the first one done, they will all be sent to another quilter for binding. I used a patriotic flag pantograph with a neutral thread.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Allietare Mystery

Cannot believe I have been so absent from blogging, the Boston vacation was most of it and we have been home just a week and busy trying to catch up plus this is our time with The Boy.
The last few days I have been working on the Bonnie mystery Allietare, finishing up all of the clues, pressing and trimming.
Taking care to sew the little blocks accurately and then pressing and final trimming of a sliver here and there makes it all go together flat and square with no tucks, I am very happy with it! 
All ready for the borders, I am awaiting word from SIL in Australia to find out the drop measurement of nephew's bed before I cut borders, I suspect it's around 24" but want to be sure.
Hoping to get borders done tomorrow, then it will be next up on the LA after I finish the QOV that's on there now. I don't plan on the curved border Bonnie did since this is for a guy simple is best, and I think Baptist Fan will be a good choice for the quilting design.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Well, that's my only excuse for falling behind both in quilting progress and blogging. We came up to Boston right after Christmas and have been so busy with family stuff, add in the 10 year old twins and their busy schedules too and there's little time for anything else.
We did go to see "The Force Awakens", drove to another state in fact, Providence RI in order to watch the film at the IMAX in 3D! It was terrific everyone of us loved it. 
Here we are watching the game in the lounge area before the movie- there's a full service bar and you are even permitted to take your "adult beverages" (the kids had Shirley Temple type drinks) into the theatre, nice!
In the days prior to viewing the film we watched the last three Star Wars movies to get up to date/refresh the story line so we knew what had led up to The Force awakening.
The only sewing I have done is a bit of catching up on my "Allietare" Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, working on the clues I had not completed. 
Using an 
older Kenmore model sewing machine handed down from the twins' great aunt,  which she purchased and apparently never used because it was in pristine condition, not a hint of thread or fluff.
I had enough clues completed to do a mock up of a few blocks so I have an idea of how my chosen fabrics will look in the completed quilt which is for my bull rider nephew in Australia. 
I inadvertently placed the rectangles in the side setting triangle incorrectly so that looks a bit odd, fortunately they were not sewn. I'll try to get a few blocks together tomorrow, I will have the day "home alone", sort of, the twins will be at school, attorney niece at the office, and DH and nephew busily working on the interior of the addition, I should be free to sew most of the day.
I am happy with the combination and anxious to see it together. That won't happen until we return to AZ,  I only have a tiny cutting board and rotary cutter an a 6" ruler, no where sufficient to trim blocks etc.
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to all and a safe and successful 2016.
We gathered today for Christmas dinner, only eight, five were out of country/state etc! I made what has become our traditional meal for the day, Crown Roast of Pork, asparagus, roasted garnet yams and Monkey bread. There were homemade cinnamon buns for starters while dinner cooked and a yam cheesecake for dessert and about enough leftovers for DH and me tomorrow night so that worked out well.
Poor Button dog found all this Christmas activity just a bit too much and decided to take a nap on top of a pile of Matthew's quilts that he had stacked up on the couch.
By about 4:30 everyone had moved onto the next activity, so after I cleaned up the kitchen I decided to work on the Allietare quilt mystery clue 4. Clue 5 is due out and I wanted to get a little more done on #3. Here is how my four clues are looking, I am using dark blue instead of black and the blue stars are my grey.
None are completed with the required number but I have made a good start. The past weeks have been very busy as most others experience this time of year and we are off to Boston Sunday so I am not sure what will be accomplished sewing wise the next couple of weeks. I often get sewing in when niece has to go into the office, it's a good way to occupy myself. After a run to the gym I hope to sew on it again tomorrow.
I am linking up with Bonnie's weekly "link up party"
Usually the final Bonnie Hunter mystery clue comes out at New Year and we will be in MA- where the weather is warmer than Arizona, LOL! I had planned to take all my winter woolies but I may not need them at all.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

In The Snowy, Snowy Mountains

This past week we had two good snowstorms always a positive sign for winter, and DH skied a couple of days at Telluride Ski Center. A lot of the snow had melted due to a temporary day or two warm up,  and this is how things looked Friday morning
On Friday night we drove into Montrose to attend the Nutcracker performance and on the way encountered a deer in a rather unfortunate way! Minimal damage to the vehicle but the doe was not so blessed, scared me, it was our first such and hopefully only experience.
Snow began drifting in as we returned up the mountain and by morning we woke to a few inches accumulation.
Temperature stayed down all day as the snow continued,
so I decided we should brew up a pot of gluwein!
 One pot led to another and we stayed quite cozy!
 The third clue had been released the day before for Bonnie's Allietare Mystery and it was prime sewing time. I had about half the clue done then ran out of one of the fabrics, just didn't bring enough with me.
 I am enjoying my little travel machine the Bernina 240, nice and compact and lighter weight than the larger Pfaff.
The snow continued overnight and there was probably 6-7" this morning, I took this series of photos early as the sun was coming through, makes some really interesting pictures.
  The snow plough had already been around by the time we were packed up and ready to leave at about 9:30 am, and the temperature was still in the teens.
 Just pulling away from the house.
 It was slow going the first couple of ours until we came down closer to Dolores when the roads were dry.
A fairytale winter wonderland, beautiful and treacherous for the uninitiated or overconfident, none of which DH is having grown up in Boston area. I am so glad, most Aussies have little exposure to these conditions and I do not like to drive on snowy roads!